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    What You Need To Make It As A Band

    Yeah, so we are still trying to give you advice on how your band can stand out from other bands.

    We have already established that your songs need to be on point and that your stage performance needs game. Everything that you do needs to be taken up to the next level. Let’s get into some more areas that could probably use some improvement.

    Don’t just record something on your cell, send it to your Mac Book Pro and burn it. Never think that is cool. It is good for practice purpose, but that is it. Your fans don’t want to spend the money on it and record labels and venues sure as hell don’t want to listen to it. Be smart about it. Save some money, start an online fundraiser; do what you need to do to get yourself a good (if not great) recording of your band. You’ll be so glad you did and it will be money well spent.

    Hey! When you write a song and especially if you record a song to sell as a single or on CD, make sure you do everything you can to protect it. Pay the money to copyrite your songs. As soon as you put it up on Social Media, anyone can learn how to play your song, rerecord it, copyrite it and sell it before you can even blink and eye. Now what? They are rich and maybe famous and you’re sitting on your ass wishing you just did what you were supposed to from the beginning. You’re a band. Be smart! Again, invest in yourself. Your music is what makes your band, so why would you put yourself in the position to have anyone steal it? That’s just dumb. Send your lyrics and whatever recording (yes, this can be the lazy ones) to the Library of Congress and get a federal copyrite ID number.

    Remember, marketing and promoting takes a lot of time and effort. Make sure you start way before you start recording or before you have a show, or even before you have your 3rd practice as a band. Get people excited about all of the things that is going to be making your band!


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