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    What You Should Do After Your Gig

    You just played an amazing set with your band, the crowd is still cheering and you’re getting ready to break down your equipment and load it into your cars (or van.) Just because you are done playing, doesn’t mean that you are done for the night. There are a few things that you should do after every single gig that you play. Lucky for you, we have a few of what those things should be so you can worry about the music. Just keep this checklist in the back of your mind and work it into your gig routine.

    Your blood is still pumping from playing your set and you burned a lot of calories while doing so. Make sure you take the time to eat something after you are done playing to give you back your energy so you don’t crash later in the night. Most venues will offer you a discount on food (if they offer it) and drinks. You are also showing your support to the venue by eating there. It looks good for you when you can give a little something back to them while refueling your body.

    It is always important to thank the venue manager, the person that booked you and most importantly, the sound tech working the night. You wouldn’t be playing there and sounding good if it wasn’t for those people. Let them know that you appreciate the opportunity and the work that they put into you and your band. Odds are, you will increase your chances of getting booked again and possibly opening for a bigger name band if they come through the area. Your gratitude will stick out in their minds when it comes time to booking a band.

    Be sure that make good on payment with both the venue and paying your band. Most venues will wait until the end of the night to pay you, so be sure to stick around or at least designate one band member to stay behind. Try to set up an agreement with the venue before the day of your show, so the both of you know what to expect when it comes time to settle the night.

    If you are playing a show with other bands on the bill, be supportive. Come for at least one band before you and stay for at least one band after your set. This is also a good time to network with these bands. Try to get on another show bill with them, especially if they draw a good crowd. Invite them to play with you at another venue. It’s always good to make connections.

    Make the time to make your rounds to say thank you to all of the people that came out to support you. They took their time and money to come and see you play, so thank them for it. Take some pictures, don’t be afraid to sign an autograph and just talk with the people that love your music. If it wasn’t for them, you would be playing to an empty room and we all know that is absolutely no fun at all.

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