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    When It Starts To Come Together [A Blog From Autumn City]

    Sometimes when you’ve been playing for a while, like I have you don’t always see how all of the little things add up until something big happens. When you think about it, all of those little moments and achievements are what paved the way for something big enough for you to notice.

    Back when I was 20, I did this mini compilation CD with the engineer and producer Ben Elliot as part of a project with other local artists. For some reason, he took to me, liked my music and we have stayed in touch. Now Ben Elliott is a man that has recorded Mic Jagger, Eric Clapton, Warren Haynes and dozens of other big shot names. He also starting recording with John Ginty, who has played with the Allman Brothers, Santana, Jewel and again, dozens of other major musicians in the industry.

    Fast forward 8 years later. I get a message from Ben asking if we (Autumn City) would like to open for John in Asbury Park and if I wanted to sing a few songs with him during his set.  My first thought was, “Is this real? Am I really going to be playing with someone that I have seen with some of my favorite bands over the last handful of years?” It was real. We played our show and John just happened to take a liking to me. He had contacted me the next day telling me that he and his band were talking about me the whole ride home and how he has plans for me.

    Now as a small town musician, I can only dream of what someone with history can possible have planned for me.
    So I get a call from John yesterday asking me if I want to sing with him at this HUGE holiday party that this producer is throwing. I’d be getting paid and a free hotel room for the night.. he also then said that when he comes back from touring with the Dixie Chix in 2016 he wants me to sing 3 or 4 songs on his new album. With the drop of that new album, he wants me and my band to go on tour with him for 3 weeks in 2017.

    Again.. is this real life? Could this really be happening?

    On top of that, he asked me sing with him and Ron Holloway in Baltimore February 5, 2016. Now, for those of you that don’t know. This man is THE man that will play the sax like no one else. This is the man that I have seen Warren Haynes call out on stage at Mountain Jam to jam on a song with him.
    All of this doesn’t feel real… the people that I will be playing with are the people that I have idolized for years…

    So looking back.. all it took was 4 recordings 8 years ago, in a studio… that lead to my name being dropped for the opportunity to open up someone who is willing and eager to take me under his wing and make it happen.

    Even though you may not think the little things you are doing in your career matter, everything adds up and eventually they will all fall into place. You just need to give it time and you will finally see it.


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