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    Why Being A Musician Is The Coolest Job In The World

    REPOST FROM SONICBIDS BLOG [http://blog.sonicbids.com/9-reasons-why-being-a-musician-is-the-best-job-in-the-world]


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    Musicians are often the envy of the working world, and for good reason. Seriously, can you think of a more entertaining career? I doubt it. Here are nine solid reasons why music makers have the greatest jobs ever.

    1. You can set your own hours

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    Perfect for all you night-owl types!


    2. The constant day-to-day variety

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    It’s hard to be bored when you’ve got so many different things to do.

    [A Day in the Life of a Music Maker: What Do You Actually Do All Day?]


    3. The universal life skills you pick up

    bussinessmanImage via shutterstock.com

    Aside from the cognitive benefits of playing music, making a living as a musician teaches you about all kinds of business and communication skills (that could even be used later in life should you want to try your hand in another industry).


    4. You become a money management pro

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    You’ll have to be careful with your money as a full-time musician, but doing so will teach you good habits that will keep you out of the kind of trouble many people get into!

    [5 Money Management Tips for Indie Musicians]


    5. You get to meet and hang out with other cool musicians


    Image via http://abduzeedo.com/awesome-people-hanging-out-together

    Who are typically super stoked to meet you as well!


    6. You get to see amazing new places

    coolplacesImage via eonline.com

    Especially when you get to play awesome outdoor festivals.


    7. Nothing beats being on the road

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    Regardless of how smelly the van gets, getting to travel and play for a living is more exciting than most people could dream of.


    8. The ultimate gratification and recognition

    fans-5Image via hypebot.com

    You fans and peers are a far better source of genuine recognition than some big corporate boss.


    9. You can actually have a huge impact on people’s lives


    image via http://www.simpleplan.com/photo/song-saved-my-life-123

    Music serves society and helps people in ways that no other medium can. It’s a super special and important job to have.


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