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    Why Being A Musician Makes You More Awesome In Every Day Life

    We all like to think that being a musician just makes us cool in general, but there is actually some truth to that. Not only does being a musician make you awesome, but it can also make you better in your every day life. Let’s break it down on why you are more awesome than you think.

    Being a musician you are given the gift of being creative. Your creativity doesn’t need to stop at playing your guitar and writing songs. It will carry over to your every day living and breathing. If you still have a “day job” use your creative mind to your advantage! Creativity gives us an advantage with problem solving skills. You can see things outside of the box!

    Believe it or not, most DIY musicians are pretty well organized. How can you not be? You’re responsible for every little detail of your career. You are scheduling gigs, keeping you calendar, keeping track of your money, making sure that you have everything you need to get to a gig. Sure, you might be a few minutes late and even a bit flighty, but your stuff is pretty together. Think of the rest of your life like getting reading for a show. Apply those same check lists and time management skills you use to your every day life.

    Think about all of the difficult people that you have to deal with, but at the same time, you need to remain calm and polite. Guess what? You’re learning a whole lot of patients and tolerance. You absolutely need to apply that to your life. You have a better understanding of people than most. Use that to your advantage.

    All those times your band was told no or someone really didn’t like that new song or you came number 2 in a contest…. you can take criticism well and odds are, it fuels you even more to do a better job.

    See, you thought being a musician was just one part of your life. It actually carries over through everything you do. Apply all of the good qualities that being a musician has taught you in your day to day routine.

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