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    Why Facebook Has Screwed You

    Musicians of all statuses use Facebook to promote their music.  You may have realized being on the more independent musician scale that not all of your fans are getting to see your posts. This is just another way that Facebook is screwing you over. Facebook has decided that all of the fans that have “liked” you over the years, really don’t want to hear from you. In some instances, they don’t care that you paid to have all of those people like your page.

    Despite the fact that Facebook have happily pointed out for years that all businesses and brands, and therefore musicians, will benefit from having a strong following on Facebook, they’ve now taken away your ability to communicate with them for free.

    Perhaps they never said that you would be able to reach all your Facebook fans for free, but that was certainly the assumption that the average musician was making as they toiled away attracting new ‘likes’ or even ran expensive advertising campaigns to build their following.

    In order to make sure that those people who have directly agreed to receive your posts on Facebook actually see them, Facebook says we have to pay to promote the posts that we want them to see.

    To be fair to Facebook, this has been going on for a good while and they have been telling us for a few years that we shouldn’t rely on free reach – that paying to make sure we can have all ‘our fans’ see our news was where they were heading.

    When, last year, the reach on an average post on an average Fan Page was about 16% it didn’t seem so horribly bad (although of course it was really, as 84% of your fans weren’t seeing your post!) Now, on average, we’re looking at an average Facebook Fan Page’s reach being strangled so that only 6% of your fans see what you have posted.

    Since the experience of consuming music from an artist is so social and shareable and the connection between fan and artist is often emotionally charged, we think musicians will always get a better response to their Facebook posts than a faceless brand – especially if they are always active on Facebook – not just when a record is on its way!

    All that said, we have also always found (and this is now amplified by the overall decrease in reach) that the problem with getting a post to all your fans comes when you post ‘buy messages’. These just don’t fly!

    As a consequence, this kind of post WILL suffer even more from the drop in reach. The algorithm will say that such a ‘buy message’ post isn’t popular, so it won’t be shown to very many of your fans at all.



    [Reprinted From: http://diymusician.cdbaby.com/]

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