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    Is Talent Enough?

    Listening to local music we sometimes wonder, “How are they not famous yet?” They seem to naturally have talent that will blow most people out of the main stream charts. It seems like musical talent isn’t enough anymore to be the only thing that will take you into the music career that you want. We all have our own egos and when you are in a band you are thinking that you are in the best band in the world. Your guitar player can solo for hours. Your drummer can knock out the sickest beats. Your singer can do vocal runs like it’s their job and your songs seem to have golden lyrics. So, if you’re so talented, why aren’t you famous?

    Yes, people may tell you that your band is awesome and that they can’t live without your music, but the world is full of talented people. Accepting that fact is the first step to take your ego down a notch as well. You need to accept what you know and what you don’t know. You not only need to know what your talent is capable of, but you need to understand the business that you are trying to get into. You wouldn’t apply to an amazing job and go to the interview not knowing a single thing about the company, would you?

    Talent comes naturally (for most of us) and is maybe enhanced by music lessons. Hard work actually takes hard work. The people that break into the music industry are the ones that work hard to make their dreams a reality. Talent alone won’t get you there. Talent doesn’t work for you. It is only a tool. You also need to be smart about what you are using your talent for. Don’t let time pass you by because you think you have the best voice in the world and someone is going to randomly stumble upon your video on YouTube and have to sign you to their label. (It doesn’t happen very often..)

    We are talking business here and no one in the business wants to work with a talented but lazy person. They want to see that this is what you absolutely want. They want to know that your heart and soul is in this music business and that you will do anything to make it happen. They want you to actually work with them, not have to do all the work for you just because you have a great voice. Remember, there are A LOT of talented people out there that can replace you.

    Stay humble. Your talent won’t bring you anywhere. Your hard work to promote your talent to prove this is what you need to be doing for a living will take you to the next level in your career.

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