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    Why You Should Join The Recording Academy

    Musicians dream about winning a Grammy Award. It is like the ultimate success when you are a Grammy winner! How could you not want to win that award. You too can join the Recording Academy! All you really have to do is apply! Not only are you better setting yourself up to be placed in the Grammy awards, but being a member comes with some perks!

    Being part of the Recording Academy you are entitled to tickets and private events. This includes concerts, private parties, information sessions and Q&A sessions with some important people in the music business. You can have the opportunity to speak with some music legends in the industry and learn valuable information on how to make it!

    You get major discounts on a lot of events that will benefit you. You will get discounts to conference admissions and one of the biggest events in the music business, the South by Southwest Music festival. You can get discounts of duplication of your newest CD and even classes to Berkley College for Music!

    Being a member of the Recording Academy you actually get offered health benefits. This is a great thing, because most musicians are self employed when they make it their career and have to pay for all medical expenses out of pocket. Being able to have health benefits as a musician is a blessing.

    It allows you to sign up for GrammPro which is an entire world of amazing information. You also get the opportunity to be invited to the Grammy Awards. The tickets aren’t free, but they are only offered to the Recording Academy members. It can be a great way for you to network and break the ice with musicians that have been doing this for years and are well established. You absolutely want to do this if you plan on moving up in the music industry. One day people will be going to the Grammy awards hoping to meet you!

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