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    Why You Shouldn’t Pay For Facebook Fans

    We all know that people look at the amount of people that follow your band on Facebook. We all know that bands that have more fans get more attention, but there is one huge reason why you should never pay for Facebook fans even if you think it’s a good idea. Again, we get the fact that you look more legit if your numbers are high to everyone but “fake” fans are not, we repeat, not the way to go. Numbers alone do not, will not and never have measured the talent of an artist, so why are we so concerned with numbers?

    We are sure you have heard the term, “Quality over Quantity.” This is true in almost anything that you will experience in life. Why should Social Media be any different? You may have paid for your fans and now you are showing 5,000 people liking your band page. Yes, that looks awesome when someone first clicks on your page. Let them scroll down to your posts and read that out of those 5,000 people, only 20 liked or commented on your post. Hrmm… something doesn’t add up.  When you are buying fans through Facebook you are just getting a total number. You are not increasing your actual page views or interaction. If you have only 200 likes and all 200 of those people are interacting, liking and commenting on your post, guess what, you look way better than someone with 5,000 phantom fans and an empty page.

    Also, if you have a lot of ghost fans, your real fans won’t get to see all of your posts with the new Facebook settings. YouTube is one of the companies that will monitor who is real and what views may seem like they are just playing to rack up the number of visits to your page. YouTube can explain that with advertising campaigns. People aren’t going to put a lot of money into something that they feel people won’t actually take a look at.

    While you’re so concerned about numbers, don’t be. Be more focused on actual interaction with your fans. That is going to be what makes the difference for your band.


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