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    Why You Think You Sound Worse On Stage Than You Actually Do: Part Two

    Repost from Sonicbids Blog

    Perception-adjusting video feedbackSeveral studies have looked at the impact of video feedback on our self-perceptions, and the anxiety we feel in advance of a performance. The idea being, if we think we come across poorly in a performance but can see how we actually appear on video, then maybe we won’t be quite so anxious or negative about ourselves in future performances.

    By itself, however, video feedback doesn’t seem to be so effective, because anxiety can throw off our perceptions. As in, how nervous we feel during a performance can skew our sense of how well we’re coming across to the audience.

    For instance, have you ever been really nervous inside, but had people come up to you after a performance, tell you it sounded great, and ask how you were able to be so calm? Weird that there’s a whole world inside of us that nobody else can see or hear, huh?

    So how can we develop a more accurate and performance-enhancing perception of our performances? Take a look at a few of the reasons that you might think you sound worse on stage than you actually do and how to prevent that from actually happening

    A three-step video review process

    The following three-step process has been used in several studies. Not with musicians, of course, but it still seems pretty applicable.

    1. Prediction

    What exactly do you expect to see or hear in the video? For instance, do you expect to see your hands shaking? Looking stiff? Bored? Awkward?

    1. Imagery

    Create a short (two-minute max) mental video of how you think you came across in performance.

    1. Review

    Remember that how we feel in a performance is not the same as how we look or come across to the audience, and watch the video as if you’re watching a stranger. Pay attention to how you look, as opposed to how you remember feeling in the moment.

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