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    Your Gig Check List

    When you’re playing a gig you may think that you’ve been doing this for so long that you don’t even need to think about what you actually need to bring. We have news for you, even very seasoned musicians still go over everything that they are bringing to make sure they don’t forget something. You would be surprised that something used so often could be over looked especially if you play a lot.

    Ok, so this may sound stupid, but your instrument. We don’t just mean your guitar, bass or drums and amps. We would hope you wouldn’t forget that. We are talking about extra strings incase one breaks during your set. Don’t forget extra batteries if you’re playing an acoustic electric or for any or all of your pedals. Drummers, don’t forget to bring extra drum heads incase your hard hitting puts a tear right in one of your skins. These are all things you may over think, but they will kill your show if you don’t have back ups.

    Don’t forget to bring all of your cables. Sometimes venues don’t have spare cables. You should actually bring cables and spare cables incase one of them isn’t working. Remember, they have wires, sometimes they short, disconnect or just break. You want to make a smooth transition if this happens, so bring extra!

    Don’t forget to bring extra guitar picks, drum sticks, capos, drum keys and anything else that you need during your show. Bring water. Bring your set list. Make sure to bring tape, you don’t want to trip over any of your cables.

    As far as traveling for your gig, bring cash with you so you have money before you get paid. If you’re traveling far, make sure you car or van is up to par. Check your tires, oil and everything else that goes into making your car run. You wouldn’t want to break down on your way to a show.

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