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    YouTube Basics: How to Make It Work for Your Band

    We have all watched videos or have even uploaded videos to YouTube. Simple, right?  But how do you get the most out of actually using this potentially amazing tool? Why do some people get 1,000 views while others only hit 50?

    We are going to give you some basics on how to make YouTube work for your band. (Maybe in another blog we will go into more specific details) Here are just some basic tips to get you started and on your way.

    First thing is first: Your band needs its very own YouTube channel. It’s easy to set up and is usually linked to an e-mail address. (We would suggest to use your band’s e-mail address. Again, if you don’t have one of those, make one.) Your channel needs to represent YOU just like your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and actual website do. Remember to keep consistency with everything that you put out there to the world.

    Have your channel all set up?  Great!! First impressions are always key with your videos. The first thing that a viewer will see if the thumbnail of your video. Make sure it is a good one.  You only get one first impression.

    Your video title and description are going to really help you out here. Keep the tittle short and sweet. Your song name and your band. Maybe throw in a “Live at the (wherever you are)”.  The description of your video is where you have free range to pull in even more viewers. Don’t be afraid to put the lyrics to your song in there, but only if you have the copy right!! If someone saw you playing and has your chorus stuck in their head and they type in those lyrics, it will help them find you that much quicker.

    YouTube is becoming more popular than Facebook among the younger generation.  They are the ones that are more open to music. If people leave comments on your video, comment back. Fans love to interact with the band.  Don’t forget to mention all of the other places people can keep up with your upcoming events on different social media sites. The more links you offer, the better. You will get more foot traffic, causing you to become more internet popular.  This is a good thing. That means if people type something in to a search bar that may skim the surface of what you’re about, even if they are not looking for you, you will come up. NEW FANS!

    Most importantly, you want to keep current. You want to post constantly in your channel, even if it is as small as a video announcing new shows, contest or behind the scenes activity of your band. People want to see it all. Just keep yourself out there. Use tags that represent your band and your videos. When someone types something it picks it a part to find what it thinks you are looking for. So, if you tag: Guitar Solo, Drums, Music, Name of Your Song, Band Name, Venue, etc.. anytime anyone searches for something like that, you will show up in their search. Don’t be afraid to throw in a trending topic as a tag, but don’t do it too often. You’ll get flagged and that won’t be good for your channel.

    YouTube is an amazing tool to get anything you want across. Take advantage of it and put it to work for your band.

    [Reprinted From: http://diymusician.cdbaby.com/]

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