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    YouTube & Copyright: What Your Band Needs To Know

    YouTube is becoming more and more popular. Syncing music to a visual aid is something that you will see almost everywhere. So, how do you go about using music that you don’t own in a vide and what are you supposed to do if someone uses your music?

    If you are using someone else’s music you need to go to either ASCAP or BMI and look up the owner of the song. Once you have that information, you need to contact them directly to obtain a sync license.

    In order to get a sync license, you will need to talk about how the song will be used, what your expectation of views for the video is going to be, if you’re making more than one copy, if they would rather an upfront payment, royalties or a combination of both and how credit will be given to the song writer.

    Let’s say you come across a video that has your music playing in the background. What are you supposed to do? Most people will try to get away without getting a sync license.

    You can either: Track views and use it to your advantage. These are new people that are listening to your music. You are able to find out where the majority of the listeners are from and you can target your next move in that area. You may have more fans than you realize.

    You have the option to request to have the video taken down off of YouTube. YouTube has to take the video down if you are the owner, no questions asked and quickly.

    Lastly, if you want to make money off of the video, you can ask YouTube to include advertisements. If you decide to have this, you will get money every time your video is viewed. This can actually work in your favor, especially if the video is doing well.

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